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IT SystemWorks was started in 2005 as an adjunct to its sister company, IT System Works. IT System Works was started in ???.

IT SystemWorks is headed by Dave Parker. Dave has over 20 years of experience as a developer, the last 12 years at Microsoft corporation. As a lead at Microsoft, Dave has managed both development teams and projects. His extensive experience includes:

Website Design and Development

  • Designing websites to meet particular business needs
  • Experience with HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, ASP, ASP.NET, XML, etc.
  • Has built logon, registration, and automatic notification systems
  • Populate pages from backend databases

Database Design and Development

  • Designing normalized databases to meet particular business needs
  • Building databases with SQL, Access, Filemaker, and MySQL
  • Extensive familiarity with SQL constructs and queries
  • Experience building data access layers and APIs

Office Integration

  • Extensive experience inside Microsoft integrating various Office products
  • Deep knowledge of the Excel, Outlook, and Project object models

Project and Team Management

  • As a lead at Microsoft, Dave has experience managing people and projects
  • Practical knowledege of development and its hurdles
  • Experience estimate large and small development projects
  • Experience building schedules and sticking to them

You can view and print Dave's full resume here



Why Go with IT SystemWorks?

As a small company, we work harder to earn and keep your business.

We excel at assessing your real business needs. If we think an off-the-shelf solution will meet your needs better, we'll tell you so!

We can and will meet your deadlines, even if it means working 24 hours a day.

We offer deep and broad experience in software development; project and team management experience; solid and well-tested code; and an attention to detail—all things you want in the tools your business relies on.!


  IT System Works

Your Full-Service IT Shop

IT System Works, our sister company, is a professional contract firm capable of serving all your IT needs — from installation to maintenance.

We can assess your IT needs, then design and install the system you need. We'll ensure that your system is secure, robust, and meets the particular requirements of your organization.

Our hosting services include a T1 and 24 hour support, to provide the fastest processing and response times.