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Examples of Our Work

Website Design and Development

  • IT SystemWorks designed and developed the enrollment section of The Pathway's website, including the login system and the pages to register for classes.

    This system required ASP/VBScript on the server side and HTML/java-script on the client side. The server side interacts with both a local MySQL database as well as making remote web service (Custom Web Publishing, or CWP) calls to a FileMaker Server Advanced 7.0 database.

  • IT SystemWorks developed the Vote Your Money site, including the login system and registration system, and the notification system.

    IT SystemWorks converted this site from HTML pages to ASP pages, dynamically populating the pages from the Vote Your Money database.
    The notification system includes ???

Database Design and Development

  • ???some filemaker stuff???

Office Integration

  • EPK info???



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IT System Works, our sister company, is a professional contract firm capable of serving all your IT needs — from installation to maintenance.

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